Aviation appears to be a new start, a new discovery, for all those that contacted for advice.

A new career, a new way of living, new opportunities.

Take control of your own itinerary, your own life.

Go when you please to wherever you want to go. will put everything in perspective.

The consultant will investigate all different possibilities that originate from customers’ desires,

answering and explaining all questions and matters that surface in the process.

Aviation is within reach! Contact us and we’ll introduce a new dimension to your life, your company. is independent. Consultancy for:

  1. Private individuals and

  2. Companies

  3. Aircraft owners and

  4. Candidate Professional Pilots

  5. Media

Consultancy for:

Flight Training

  1. Professional Pilot Training

  2. Type Ratings

Corporate & Private Jets

  1. Acquisition & Lease

  2. Charter and Demo flights

  3. Conciliation

  4. Financing

  5. Crew Training & Scheduling

Media Affairs

  1. Incident Analysis

  2. Aviation Expertise

Pilot Services

  1. Personal pilot

  2. Ferry pilot

  3. Professional Flight Instruction

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